NUCH Black Caesar's Great Power - "Pepper"

Color: greysable

Born: 04.09.2009

Patella luxation 0/0

Eyes clear at 8 weeks and 1 year

Pepper is co-owned and lives with Hege and the family, and has made Xantos his new, best-buddy. :)

Thank you, Ella, for letting us have this special boy!

Oktober 2010


Pepper, 20. april 2010 - 7 months old.

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents

Ch. Mintgarden's Istrur

Ch. Mintgarden's Geryon

Ch. Pienenpolun Cake

Ch. Wyndlee Eager Beaver

Banoek van het Sneeuwvlokje

Santy Vyzel

Ch. Unique van het Sneeuwlokje

Cadinan Amanda

Thomdy Dom's Fair Play

Ch. Dinky am Jungfernbach

Runfold Chit Chat

Ch. Cadinan True Love

Ch. Cadinan High Hopes

Ch. Cadinan Belle Brunette