Nixtev Liaison "Kara" - more photo's here

Color: white Born: 12.04.2007 Patella luxation: 0/0 Eyes: clear 8th of June '07

Kara, 12.07.2012 - 5 years old

Kara in November, 2008. Photos by Hege. :)

Kara in November, 2008. Photos by Hege. :)

Kara in August 2008 - full of coat! :)

Kara in August 2008 - full of coat! :)

Kara in February 2008, after winning her first CC and BOS! :) 

Kara's showresults so far:

Date National/international: Place: Judge: Results:
09.02.08 National ělen Elsbeth Clerc 1-1 open, CC, Best Female and BOS!

Kara's posing beautifully for the photographer; Hege. :)

Photo's: Nicky at kennel Nixtev

The lovely mother: China...

...and the handsome father; Lex!

Photo are borrowed from German Spitz World

Condor Aus Dem Norden (white)
Sascha vom Lenninger Tal (white)
Yelina Aus Dem Norden (white)
Rossfort Henrietta (cream)
Ch Kuseley Cleverclogs JW (orange)
Rikarlo Inkspot (black & white)
Ch Runfold Northern Lights (black)
Wyndlee Hey Jude at Rasnak (brown)
Wyndlee Irish Velvet at Kuseley (gold)
Wyndlee Snow 'n' Ice from Runfold (white)
Callapins King of Winter (white)
Wyndlee Freida (black)